Monday, 1 August 2005

Monday 1st August, late night snack

My late night snack is a Cheshire Cheese and Potato Salad sandwich on buttered 5-seed brown bread. The cheese was brought over by Ursula after her recent visit to NW England and is exquisite. That slight sense of lemon goes perfectly with the crumbly texture and delicate flavour. Cheshire Cheese would definitely get my vote as the Best Cheese in the World.

It can be quite difficult to find QUALITY English food in Spain. The supermarkets do their best but tend to stock the most mass-produced of products, rather than the best. Mind you, there are now many English food shops over here, but they are still either poor quality or massively over-priced...

Late addition: 2 more of those chocolate-y sandwich biscuits, yum.


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