Saturday, 15 April 2006

Dan Nied's 100 Days: Day 100

I'm delighted to note that I'm not the only one using a blog as a diet support system. Dan Nied is another Blogcritics writer and, being American, his problems and achievements are on a whole different level to mine.

Dan has just finished a hundred day quest to improve his health and weight and writes about it with a lot more wit and flair than I've managed so far.

Here's just the intro to his 100th post at: Dan Nied's 100 Days: Day 100:

"Dan Nied's 100 Days is the chronicle of one man's quest to improve his health in 100 days. Feel free to email him at with any questions or comments you might have.

You knew the weigh-in on the 100th day wasn't going to be easy, right?

If you thought I would waltz into the gym this morning and pump out a 298 reading on the scale, then walk off with a smile on my face then, you just don't know me very well.

I got up super early today because I had to go guest host on the morning radio show here in town. So at 6:30 I rose and realized that I didn't really have to be in the studio until about 7:30. I was excited, almost like a kid on Christmas. This is the day where, if everything goes well, I will A) get under 300 for the first time in years, B) go to Denver, one of America's finest cities, for lunch, C) see my old roommate in Colorado Springs, my old place of living D) Get filthy drunk and enjoy good food in moderation."

Saturday, 8 April 2006

Busy Not Fat?

You might well be wondering where exactly the heck I've been since Christmas and quite reasonably so.

All I can say is that I simultaneously got overloaded with a whole variety of work stuff we needn't go into now and well, I just got so bored of writing down everything I ate everyday. Even I was bored with this enterprise so it seemed only right to take a break.

I still think this blog can do some useful work, perform some useful service, hopefully to you as well as me, in the future but for now I'd just like to record a catchup on my weekly weight statistics as provided by that lying scale!

...The Date......The Weight....Body Fat..Total Body Water

1st January

74·7 kg +1·0

27·2% -0·1

48·3% -0·4

8th January

74·2 kg -0·5

26·1% -1·1

49·1% +0·8

15th January

74·8 kg +0·6

26·4% +0·3

48·9% -0·2

22nd January

75·8 kg +1·0

27·5% +1·1

48·1% -0·8

29th January

75·9 kg +0·1

27·0% -0·5

48·5% +0·4

5th February

75·6 kg -0·3

27·5% +0·5

48·1% -0·4

12th February

76·2 kg +0·6

26·4% -1·1

48·9% +0·8

19th February

75·7 kg -0·5

26·4% ---

48·9% ---

26th February

75·7 kg ---

27·3% +0·9

48·3% -0·6

5th March

76·1 kg +0·4

27·3% ---

48·3% ---

12th March

75·7 kg -0·4

27·3% ---

48·3% ---

19th March

76·5 kg +0·8

27·8% +0·5

47·9% -0·4

26th March

76·3 kg -0·2

27·0% -0·8

48·5% +0·6

2nd April

77·0 kg +0·7

28·0% +1·0

47·8% -0·7

I have no explanation for the gradual creep up in my weight this year. I'm not noticeably eating differently than last year but hitting 77 kg for the first time since November last year. The shame!