Monday, 19 December 2005

Tortilla Hake Satsuma

Still stunned by yesterday's weigh-in result, I have to try and eat even less than before. I'm rather surprised not to have had any health problems yet with the relatively small amount of food I'm eating these days. The only thing at all that I've noticed is that occasionally one or other of the three middle fingers on my left hand kind of locks in the folded position, especially when I've been using my hands for heavy lifting or other jobs that require a lot of force. A couple of friends have said that is a sign of lack of salt and one of them, who used to work out a lot, says I ought to have some isotonic drinks to keep my body's salts and minerals levels up. I'm going to try one and see what happens.

On the food front, all I ate today was a quarter of a 20cm Spanish Tortilla, some Hake & Potato Salad; one German "Knopper" brand Hazelnut wafer biscuit; one slice of toast with Boquerones (we've now discovered there are also Boquerones with garlic, parsley and olive oil added to the "vinagre" which are even better than the merely pickled anchovies we were eating before. Ultra yummy!); another slice of toast with Emmental; two Weetabix; and a Satsuma.


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