Saturday, 10 December 2005

Seafood Surprise Saturday

We're off along the coast today, visiting good friends in Torremolinos but I still need to keep the diet going. Breakfast is three slices of toast, two with cracked pepper cheese.

After our arrival there's lots to eat: some crackers and cheese to start; a fabulous Seafood and Mozarella Salad with whole Prawns, Gravad Lax and some fabulous pickled Anchovies. These last are nothing like the brown salty things you make of as anchovy; these are Spanish Boquerones, solid white flesh filleted clean but with the skin left on and pickled in white wine vinegar and olive oil. They are absolutely fantastic. The whole meal is drizzled with Olive Oil, which I'm starting to love more and more.

Later nibbles of Goat's Cheese and Apple Slices, a horrid Spanish cake (the Spanish can't make good cakes) and a delicious juicy Clementine complete all I ate today.


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