Sunday, 4 December 2005

Inching Forwards

The Great Sunday Morning Weigh-in ritual gives the following results:

The Scales Say
Weight: 76·2 kilos
down 100 gms
BF: 21·3%
down 0·3%
TBW: 56·2%
up 0·2%

So I've managed to lose 100 grams in a week; that's about 4 ounces, aka not a lot! Just got to keep on reducing the consumption, that's all.

So what did I eat today in the face of these figures?

An Egg and Streaky Bacon Sandwich for breakfast as usual of course, just to get the day started. Then, later on in the afternoon, I had another of my great food inventions (see Fried Egg Omelette and the even newer Truffled Turkey with Boiled Egg Eggburger for other awesome new food inventions), the tastegasm that is my Cheshire Cheese and Old English Orange Marmalade Sandwich!

It's even tastier than it sounds; the rich, crumbly texture and salty yet subtly lemony flavour of the cheese combines incredibly with the bitter sweetness of the Seville Oranges and is a hideously unhealthy but totally mouthpleasing monster munchie of the highest calibre.

After that afternoon delight there was a vast amount of nothing but later in the night I had two biscuits and a coconut chocolate; a sideplate-sized portion of ChimiChurri Turkey (Pavo) and Mixed Salad; two chocolates; and a Granny Smith apple.


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