Sunday, 27 November 2005

Pizza and Chocolate

My headcold's a bit lighter this morning so I decide to risk the potential mucus provoking fresh milk I pour liberally over the last of the Choco Krispies from just over two weeks ago to get the day started.

Then nothing until late afternoon when I graze on some Pork Loin and Cheddar on Chapata bread; followed off and on by two chocolate truffles; a 20 cm Ham, Bacon and Cheese Pizza; three more chocolates; a Granny Smith; one more chocolate; and, finally, two Bourbon biscuits. And that's all I ate today.


Blogger mivste said...

It's quicker to e-mail you know when (like me) you have lots of windows open browsing, reading and replying in forums, etc.

I normally walk the dog for an hour in the evenings (enjoy it more in the summer), but I'm hoping that 3 walks per day will help me tone up and give me more energy. Fortunately, there are numerous tracks around and through the orchards behind the villa so walking Harley is a pleasurable, tranquil and revitalising time for me. Even during the wet season when I slosh about in my wellies through the mud/clay!

Perhaps you could follow suit with your 2 dogs, and watch the grammes (kilos) disappear?

Sun Nov 27, 11:11:00 pm GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

Once you get used to blogging you'll be fine. It's a great communication medium that can work as a personal or professional asset. What is your family business by the way?

Molly and Bobby are very active and would stay out all day if we let them. They usually have to settle for three walks a day so that helps counteract a bit of my chocolate addiction!

As for losing weight, I seem to be stuck around 76 kilos for months now and something's got to be done.

Best wishes

Mon Nov 28, 12:30:00 am GMT  

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