Friday, 25 November 2005

The Trouble With Truffles

Still feeling clogged up, I'm only eating breakfast at all cos I need the fuel, but I still can't face more than three slices of white toast to soak up the morning coffee.

In mid-afternoon, after solo shopping adventures in the supermarket, I have a hunk of fresh floury Chapata bread with a mature chunk of Cheddar cheese dusted with freshly milled pepper, mmm!

Later, in another series of delicious nibbles that are Tapas in size though not at all Latino, there was a fabulous brown sandwich filled with slices of Turkey meat stuffed with a hard boiled egg and studded with sliced Truffle.

I read in Wikipedia that in the 18th and 19th Centuries it was thought "The greatest delicacy was a truffled turkey." Italian composer Rossini once said "I have wept three times in my life. Once when my first opera failed. Once again, the first time I heard Paganini play the violin. And once when a truffled turkey fell overboard at a boating picnic."

.................Chocolate Truffles - photo from Wikipedia

That tasty treat sets off a little orgy of excess that includes two chocolate truffles; three Custard Creams; three Bourbon biscuits; a Granny Smith apple; a Cheddar Cheese and Pork Loin with Chapata bread munchie; and, to round things off, a chocolate yoghurt dessert. That's all I ate today.


Blogger Brown Eyed Girl said...

What does truffle taste like? I've never actually had one. Was the sandwich expensive?

Tue Nov 29, 05:33:00 pm GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hi there girl,

The truffles are like a kind of ultra shroom, but not psychedelic fortunately. It's quite a hard taste to describe, but quite distinctive. Can't say I'd be prepared to pay the asking price on a regular basis mind. And I made the sandwich myself, so it wasn't very dear at all.

Sat Dec 10, 02:09:00 am GMT  

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