Sunday, 20 November 2005

Personal Best

I don't know if it's the cold I've had for ten days straight now, the new scales or what but the weight has just fallen off this week. This morning's readings are exactly 76 kgs bodyweight, down a massive 2.4 kgs since last Sunday and a new personal best, with a body fat level of 21.6% and a total body water reading of 56%. I can't help thinking that that only leaves 22.4% of me for everything else though!


Blogger Sleep said...

congrats :D

Wed Nov 23, 12:13:00 am GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

thanks man

Wed Nov 23, 12:38:00 am GMT  
Blogger mivste said...

Well done.

Sun Nov 27, 01:08:00 am GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

The battle never stops. I won't feel good until I can get to at least 72 kilos but I'm obviously having a problem going below 76 right now. Time for a little semi-starving maybe...

Sun Nov 27, 07:57:00 pm GMT  

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