Sunday, 13 November 2005

Maltesers New Scales Chili

In a day full of little surprises that started so unassumingly with another bowl of Coco Krispies, a shopping trip for winter footwear turned into a grand mall shopping binge.

I got myself a fabulous hooded red jacket, a light grey jumper, some new trousers and, if not for a last minute change of mind, I would have had some new pajamas, after sleeping naked for so many years now. We also got some flash new German bathroom scales. No shoes though.

One of the stores was, oddly, giving out small sample bags of Maltesers which went down well and, when we got back with all the goodies, I cooked up a big old pot of Chili Con Carne, some of which we had for supper with some jacket potato and salad.

The usual late night munchie weakness was a bit of a choco-binge with six chocolate trufas, eight small chocolate biscuits and a shredded coconut chocolate seperated by only another crisp and juicy Granny Smith apple and that's all I ate today.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the new multi-function scales and how fat I am!


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