Sunday, 31 July 2005

Monday 1st of August 2005, late night munchies

So now it's the peak holiday month, with huge swathes of Europe shutting down for the whole month. And what's the first thing I'm eating this fine moonless night? A huge French grown Granny Smith Apple bought in Southern Spain by somebody English. This is the new Europe and the first thing in my Tapas Diet for August.

I'm eating it right now and it's big and sweet and juicy and crunchy, a really perfect apple.

Sunday 31st July - Afternoon Delight!

A small tuna and salad sandwich on buttered multifibre brown bread followed by a mug of tea (a level teaspoon of sugar, down from 2 heaped spoons 15 months ago) and 2 sandwich biscuits with chocolate-y filling. Wow, great.

Sunday 31st July - midday munchie

Mmmm, hungry, let's have a nice slice of Spanish Tortilla. The great thing about this diet is you can more or less eat what you want cos it's all about quantity.

Sunday 31st July - Breakfast

For breakfast today, as always on Sundays, an old Rose family tradition lol, we had Egg and Bacon Sandwiches. I was starving so opted for 2 eggs not one. It was delicious, eaten out on the balcony overlooking the sea.

All I Ate Today is just that!

I've decided that as part of my ongoing diet programme I'm going to blog everything I eat. The whole truth and nothing but the truth shall be told here, both the good and the bad!

I've been dieting for over a year now and been wanting to lose weight for much longer without ever quite getting round to it, you know how it goes... But last Summer my wife Ursula and I decided to run a little weekend poolside Tapas Bar at the cool little villa rental and boutique hotel cortijo we run.

This meant about three days a week of preparing lots of food and three days a week of serving it and a full selection of drinks to the eager throng. This left very little time for anything else, including eating, so lots of hard work and comparatively little food has been the secret.

I weighed about 85 kgs then, maybe more, which may not be much if you're tall, but coming in at 1.66 metres it meant I was looking pretty gross! Since then, the eat a little often diet has become a way of life and I'm down to a mere 79 kgs. If I can get another 4 off, I'll need to buy a whole new wardrobe, most of my clothes are sliding off already!

So here we go, for as long as I can keep it up, the horrible truth about All I Ate Today will be told...