Monday, 14 November 2005

Weetabix Chocolate Cheese

Another busy day of planning a couple of new businesses whilst continuing to do what we're already doing doesn't distract from the important business of food. I've always been of the conviction that a little something for breakfast helps to get through the day, even though I don't always manage to stick to it. But today I need some fuel and enjoy two Weetabix with fresh milk, a level teaspoon of sugar and a whole heaping helping of Cinnamon.

Later pitstops throughout the day see me re-fuel with a Tapas Dish of Chili Con Carne; five chocolate Trufas; half a square of 99% pure Lindt chocolate (ecstasy); one choc0olate chip cookie; six small dunking biscuits; and three water biscuits with Emmental cheese. And that's all I ate today.


Blogger Sleep said...

Hi there,

I've been reading your blog for a week or so now, and I've wondered if you ever tried fitting physical activity into your schedule. That'd help, along with cutting out some of the sweets you have :P
You could try making smoothies to satiate that sweet tooth of yours. Use honey :)
I've enjoyed reading your blog, and i feel your pain, brother.
Maybe we should consult each other to form better eating habits? lol...
I'm such a health freak.
Ciao, trunco

Thu Nov 17, 12:26:00 am GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hola Trunco,

Thanks for stopping by.

Sure, more physical exercise would obviously help but I don't have much free time what with running two businesses, three blogs (soon to be 5) and editing another large web project and I also find gym type exercise totally BORING!

We have two dogs (yeah, I looked at your blog and know you are a cat man!) and I get to walk them on the beach most days and I'd definitely be up for a game of beach football if I could but that's about it.

Part of the "philosophy" of the Tapas Diet (I should try sticking to that more) is to enjoy yourself so I don't want to limit the kinds of stuff I eat too much, just the quantities.

Smoothies: yeah, you don't get them so much round here. Got any recipes? What's your favourite?

Don't know if I can give you much healthy eating advice as you seem to have a good handle on that but I certainly need all the help a nd support I can get!

Hasta Luego

Thu Nov 17, 10:45:00 am GMT  
Blogger Sleep said...

Well, I can't say that I understand the situation you're in, since I'm still in high school and have three meals a day--I didn't realize that you were the tapas diet, i forgot, even though it's your subtitle/heading/whatever.

I also don't live in Spain, although I participated in a student exchange last year so I sort of saw what kind of food my family ate. Hence, I don't know what's readily available to you.

There are days when I loaf around the house, with particularly no goals for that day, and I just end up eating lots of little things every hour or so. I can never eat the meals (so a little like yours?) when it's that time. I always feel disgusted

Regarding the smoothie and working out (if it's easily accessible, although walking each day with dogs is good), I usually use dannon's non-fat yogurt+fruit (bananas=good, they're normally sweet, sometimes blueberries and strawberries if they're on hand? And I use some kind of juice, apple if possible, to keep it together, and it sweetens the whole thing naturally), and try finding someone who will work out with you.

I feel like i'm sort of imposing myself on you, so feel free to tell me to stop bothering with you with advice if you want; I won't be offended. I'll still check the blog though because it's interesting to read. Food blogs=<3

I have a paper to write, so take it easy.

Fri Nov 18, 02:56:00 am GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hey Sleep,

great to here from you again!

Yeah, the Tapas Diet. We actually ran a poolside Tapas Bar all last Summer, which accidentally started the whole diet thing off. I'd been meaning to get round to doing something about it for ages, so it was obviously a sign!

Also, this whole three meals a day thing sucks, it's just done that way for convenience anyway. The Spanish also have a whole different lifestyle to the English, as you probably noticed when you wre here. Where did you go to on your exchange visit? I'm deep in the south of Spain, in Andalucia. And where in the States are you? I've been there loads of times, though not recently.

Gonna dust off the food processor and try some smoothies when I get a moment, guess I can find some more info on the net easy enough. Kind of a Summer thing though maybe, it's just starting to get really cold now, just seen the first snow on the mountains

And sleep, man, you're not imposing on me at all. I only started this particular blog to act like a kind of discipline thing to help me lose weight and I'm thrilled to bits that anybody gives a you-know-what. Plus, it's good to touch base with people, too much hating going on these days, especially stateside sadly. So long as you're not attacking me personally, you can say anything you want. Appreciate the interest and the feedback.

Good luck with the paper you're writing, hope it's not gory biology stuff, that's better on CSI!

Got to go, I'm a big football fan (and it's football, okay, never soccer! Only nerds and losers call it soccer over here! big lol), a lifelong Manchester United supporter and I'm reviewing today's match for one of my other blogs and this big US site called Blogcritics. Have you heard of it?


Sat Nov 19, 02:49:00 pm GMT  

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