Sunday, 13 November 2005

Scale Tale

When Ursula and I bought our first house it was after ten years of saving every penny we could. With a 95% mortgage, even though we were both working more than full time we still couldn't make the payments and my accountant actually lived with us for around four years so we could stay afloat financially.

About six years ago Roger the accountant bought Ursula some bathroom scales as a present and that's what we have been using to weigh ourselves with until now. Frankly, the world of bathroom scales has moved on a lot in the last six years and yesterday we bought ourselves some brand new ones. Half the size and weight, the new scales not only weigh us but, once programmed, will also monitor body fat and total body water and look cool too.

.........................Cool new scales

The bad news is that, with their extra precision, down to 100 grams from 200, the new scales reveal my weight to be 78.4 kgs, not anywhere close to last week's 76.6 kg. And yeah, I did weigh myself twice to check.

So it's a bad news good news week on the weight front, but at least we can have a bit more confidence in the new numbers. Oh yes, the other new info is that my Body Fat is 22%, right in the mid-range for my age and height but my Total Body Water is 58%, just below the normal. Must be all that coffee...


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