Sunday, 13 November 2005

Sunny Sunday Sandwiches

Despite the mixed news on the sclales/weight front, tradition is tradition and this sunny November Sunday morning's Egg and Bacon sandwich tastes as good as ever.

All I ate for the rest of the day was a Tuna and Coleslaw sandwich, an Emmental and Potato Salad sandwich and half a dozen assorted biscuits.


Blogger Brown Eyed Girl said...

I'm just curious, but are you counting calories at all? I honestly can't tell if you are trying to be on a diet or not. The foods that you are eating are very rich in sugar and fat and aren't going to help you lose weight. Especially things like mayonaise which was probably in the tuna, coleslaw, and potato salad. I started counting calories two months ago and the very first day I went to make a sandwich and gasped at the amount of calories in mayo. I threw out the whole jar because it just wasn't worth it! Mustard has almost no calories and gives so much flavor! Try to count the claories and stay below at most 1800 a day. You'll see changes in the first two weeks, guaranteed.

Thu Nov 17, 07:50:00 pm GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hi B.E.G!

Are you a friend of Tan?

No, I'm not counting calories at all. I am trying a different approach to dieting, partly cos I'm lazy, partly cos I find most, though not all, kinds of exercise really boring. Yeah, I know, world's worst dieter, right?

My theory is to lose weight by eating less food, but eating more often. It all started last when we ran a poolside Tapas Bar for the Summer. We cooked and ate almost nothing but Tapas for months and that started the whole thing off. A more formal name than Tapas Diet would be Portion Control, but that sounds totally lame.

I'm not doing so bad, I was around 85 kgs when I started so I've lost about 8 kilos so far, and have already seen a big improvement in body shape and definition. Now if I could just break my chocolate addiction. And just why do so many fun things start with the letter C ?

How's your diet going? Have you lost much weight yet? Let me know what kind of stuff you eat and what your foodie weakness is - everyone has one, right? lol

Thanks for visiting

Sat Nov 19, 02:26:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Brown Eyed Girl said...

You know, that sounds like a really good plan and whole lot easier and more rewarding than counting calories. *sigh* :)

I started out at 185 pounds in august and I'm at 170 pounds now in november. I don't count the calories of fruits or vegetables even if they are high in sugar because I'm trying to change my entire way of eating for life, rather than the year or so that I will be on this diet.

I find exercise boring too, but I'm starting to plateau in my weight loss, so I have been forced to slowly incorporate exercise. Running sucks.

Most definately, my weakness is chocolate. How can anyone not love it? But I have decided today (yup, this morning) that I have to give it up along with coffee and pretty much all caffeine. I get pretty bad heartburn, and have been getting it since I was about fifteen. I finally put it together with the caffiene in chocolate and coffee today when my professor said that caffeine relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter (the spot that pinches off your stomach from your throat) letting some of the acid in your stomach into your esophagus (tada! heartburn) and that this condition is starting to be considered precancerous.

That woke me up. So, no more chocolate... or coffee, or tea with caffeine... :(

At the very least, cutting out the chocolate will probably speed up my weight loss. Do you ever get heartburn? Do you ever try to battle chocolate cravings? I try sugarless gum, but it's a poor substitute.

Oh, and yeah, I'm housemates with Tan. :)

Mon Nov 21, 07:01:00 pm GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

Well, I don't know if you've seen but I hit a new personal best last Sunday, down to 76 kilos which is 167 pounds!

Maybe you should try my Tapas diet. Just eat anything you like but Tapas dish sized only, then you can eat 4,5,6 times a day!

Give up chocolate? And coffee? No tea? Are you sure? Frankly I'd rather die! Bring on your cancer I say!! Seriously though, I seem to have read that coffee and tea help protect against cancer and chocolate has lots of positive qualities too.

Hi to Tan

Sat Nov 26, 12:37:00 am GMT  
Blogger Brown Eyed Girl said...

Ok, don't laugh... what's a Tapa? And yes I know there are good things in tea and chocolate and coffee... it's the antioxidants. That's why red wine is good for you too, well, in small portions. Of course, you can get antioxidants from fresh berries too... It's the caffeine that I have to get away from. So I do drink tea, just the decaf kind.

That's so awesome that you're down to a new best! I am too... As of yesterday I weigh 169 pounds. :) Feels good, huh?

Tue Nov 29, 05:28:00 pm GMT  

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