Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Chicken Soup

A bowl of Choco Krispies for breakfast; it's been nice eating them after years but the novelty is wearing off now, glad when they're finished.

I've caught a head cold from Abi, the daughter of some friends of ours and my head and nose are so blocked, I can't breathe sometimes. Bleurgh!

The good news is that Ursula has made some good old fashioned salty Chicken Soup and that's what I have for lunch, with a hunk of brown Soya Bread. Delicious and nourishing, mmmm!

Between lunch and bedtime, there's a irregular parade of nibbles to keep me going; three boring plain biscuits; a Tapas dish of Chili con Carne with a slice of dry brown bread; 2 mini bags of Maltesers; and, around 1.30 in the morning, an Emmental and Potato Salad sandwich on brown. And that's all I ate today.


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