Saturday, 19 November 2005

Corn Flakes Prevent Sex

I found a box of Corn Flakes in the cupboard this morning, that wonderful cereal developed by the incredible Kellogg Brothers in the late 19th century as part of their campaign against all kinds of sex.

The company founder and mad-as-a-march-hare Will Keith Kellogg is eclipsed by the even more deranged John Harvey Kellogg, who hated all kinds of sex, favoured surgery for boys and chemical burning for girls to prevent masturbation but apparently loved giving and receiving enemas! A very odd individual indeed.

Sex Hating, Enema Loving, Corn Flakes Inventor John Harvey Kellogg

All this distastefulness doesn't stop me enjoying the cereals though!

After all this breakfast drama, the rest of the day settles down more predictably. A chunky hunk of bread with an individual portion of that awesome French cheese Camembert; a Strawberry Yoghurt; a Toasted Ham and Cheese Sandwich; a bowl of homemade Chicken Casserole with Red and Yellow Peppers and Garlic Roasted Potatoes really helps with the cold; one double Chocolate Muffin with one small chocolate nougat; and, finally, a Granny Smith apple are all I ate today. I think I'm starting to get over that cold..!


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