Sunday, 27 November 2005

What Goes Down

The weigh-in turned out to be something of an anti-climax; instead of sailing serenely through the 76 kgs barrier I have accidentally hit reverse and gone UP to 76.3 kilos, up by 300 grammes. My Body Fat and Total Body Water remain unchanged at 21.6 percent BF and 56% TBW.

Whilst thinking about this off and on during the day I eat an Egg and Back Bacon on White sandwich for breakfast; an Egg & Truffled Turkey on Brown sandwich around 5.30pm followed by two chocolate truffles and one mini Swiss Roll

After the world's first Truffled Turkey EggBurger (with boiled and fried egg!) my sweet tooth demanded satisfaction and was temporarily satisfied by two Custard Creams and two Bourbon biscuits. Later that night I also had a Granny Smith apple and three sandwich biscuits.


Blogger Sleep said...


Well, I read in a previous comment that you're "stuck" at 76 kilos.

What kind of exercises are youa ctually doing again? I know you're walking your dogs and walk even more throughout the day, but do you do anything strenuous?

Now, I'm sure that you're aware that weighing yourself after eating and under different conditions affects your weight (how do you get it measured too?), so I'm venturing to guess that you're possibly gaining muscle? Muscle does weigh more than fat, but weight usually fluctuates like that so don't worry about that.

Bleh, I'd like to talk more, but i need to do my homework, persevere, my fellow dieter.

Tue Nov 29, 03:55:00 am GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hola Sleep,

Yeah, don't know what it is but I just can't seem to break through that old 167.551348 lbs mark!

I weigh myself every Sunday morning before breakfast to try and keep conditions the same. I just got these cool new scales a couple of weeks ago.

I used to weigh myself more often but I was going a bit nuts, weighing myself 4,5,6 times a day so now I just do it the one time. How's your weight going?

Tue Nov 29, 01:21:00 pm GMT  
Blogger Sleep said...

Well, I've been trying to be a good boy, but I'm not so concerned with my weight right now as I probably could be. I think knowing that I run track everyday after school works against my eating habits. I am starting to try to cut down on all the fruit juice and bigger meals. It's hard, but I know i'll get used to eating less after a few days.
I weighed myself before practice today at school, and I weighed about 174 lbs, 70-some kilos?

Now, this weighing is after THanksgiving--I don't know how familiar you are with this holiday--and after about 4 days of really doing nothing but eating and staying up late working/doing nothing, I'm a little worried.

I'm more nervous that I'm losing muscle mass because recently I've been hitting some highs in the gym, and I haven't lifted in a solid 2 weeks, so I know i'm losing some strength.

I need to rethink my strategy lol.

Take it easy :D

Wed Nov 30, 12:37:00 am GMT  
Blogger alienboy said...

hey sleep,

sorry, only just found this comment. 174/2ยท2= 79 kilos, man. you're probably way taller than me, I'm only 1.66m which is 5 feet 6 inches in oldspeak.

I wouldn't worry too much about your strength right now, it'll develop naturally as you keep growing.


Sat Dec 10, 02:04:00 am GMT  

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