Thursday, 8 September 2005

Bad Indian

And another busy day, preparing for visitors, so a hearty re-fuelling is called for and I plumped for three Weetabix with fresh milk, a teaspoon of sugar and piles of cinnamon.

Then nothing until 9.30 pm when we all decide to get a takeaway from the new, and first, Indian restaurant to open in Mollina. It's called Koh-I-Noor 2, which probably isn't including the original diamond of the same name!

It's a little disappointing when we get there, just a typical looking Spanish bar or restaurant and the majority of the staff appear to be Spanish. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem of course, but we're talking Indian cuisine here, and that usually is a bit of s stretch for Spanish chefs.

Oh yes, here's the Indian staff now, very welcoming but, oh dear, they don't seem to understand our Spanish. I hate being the first one to crack and switch back to English so I persist and the guy eventually starts to understand us and we order.

Some 30 minutes (!) later, our food turns up and off we go back to the Cortijo. It's obviously great not to have to go all the way in to Antequera to get a curry and we're looking forward to this. It was all a big disappointment however, poorly cooked and in my case, the Chicken Biriani had only a little chicken and loads of gluggy rice, more like a paella than a proper dry Indian style. Bah!

A bit later, to cleanse my palate a little, I had two chocolate chip cookies.

Chicken Biriani with Madras Sauce


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