Sunday, 4 September 2005

Sunday 4th September 2005, The Weigh-in

I was totally expecting to be heavier this week, seem to have eaten a lot in the last seven days, so am completely delighted to be able to report that this morning's weigh-in came in at an entirely unmassive 77.2 kgs !!!


That's a whole 400 grams less than last week which is almost a pound, right? I definitely need to try a bit harder this coming week; the omens are good because, in addition to at least three days travelling, which normally puts me off eating, my good friend Mick is coming over from London.

Mick is a man of many talents, including musician, radio star and decorator, but is also quite fiercely vegetarian, occasionally vegan, kind of dude so our meals will probably change a fair bit to accommodate his regime.

I've decided to post the following really quite disgusting image of myself,

Fat's where it's at!

the big bad sexy fat part, lol, that, along with several other revolting parts of me, simply needs to disappear during this new, reduced intake lifestyle. Wouldn't it be awful if the fat stayed and my muscles wasted away instead? Aarrgh!

I wanted to post this photo to remind myself that, despite things going quite well since starting this blog, there's still a long, long way to go on the road from obesity to a healthy and attractive weight. My medium term goal, in maybe a year or two if I'm lucky, is to get down to 70 kilos or 11 stones. Mind you, there will probably be quite a celebration when/if I make 75 !

I've been dieting for about a year now, so give thanks you didn't see me then, when I weighed in around the 85 kilo mark.

If you're on a diet, don't forget that it's much better to change the way you eat than to change what you eat. It can be really depressing if, in an effort to lose weight, you follow some diet that completely changes everything you eat!

If you simply eat less, you can still eat all your favourite foods, which makes dieting a whole lot easier. That way, you only have to think about reduced quantity, not learn a whole new food life. And yes, I know I'm not sticking strictly to the Tapas Diet right now but hey, it is Summer!


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