Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Thai Rice Prawns Ice Cream

Breakfast was that old favourite three Weetabix with a level teaspoon of sugar and fresh milk.

Then there was lunch, which was a simple Emmental and Potato Salad on Brown sandwich, swiftly followed by two chocolate chip cookies.

Following last Sunday's Chinese and last night's Moroccan meals, I've got a severe spice thing going on and Ursula and I decide to head on down the prom in search of some Thai food.

We wandered for about half an hour along the Torrox Costa seafront, enjoying the setting sun in the distance and the hustle and bustle of all the restaurants and market stalls before settling down to eat.

We started off by sharing a bamboo box of what I think of as Dim Sum, those fantastic looking little dumplings with various fillings. This restaurant, Jing, calls them something else, two words I'm not familiar with and have clean forgotten. These were delicious and went down accompanied by plenty of Soy Sauce and Sambal Oelek, that great, very hot chili paste.

Thai Rice with Garlic and Red Pepper Prawns

To follow I have some Thai Fried Rice and these absolutely fabulous tasting Prawns in Garlic and Red Pepper. The Prawns are cleaned with just a little tail left on to make them easier to handle. A half liter glass of draught San Miguel makes the whole experience even better.

Afterwards we pop in to the ice cream shop next door and get little pots of creamy ice cream. Ursula has Banana and Chocolate whilst I go for Crema Catalana and we wander back along the prom and across the dried up river bed to home.

A couple of hours later I have one square of chocolate and a Madeleine cake.


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