Monday, 1 August 2005

Monday 1st August, late breakfast

3 small slices of white bread toasted and buttered, mmm, 2 with Brussels Paté and one with some magnificient Boursin! Gotta love that creamy garlicy flavour.

Oh, and of course, a cup of tea. These days I like my tea black with just a level teaspoon of sugar. I used to be fairly indifferent to which teabags we used, so long as they were one of the British brands I wasn't bothered which one. The mainland European brands tend to be a bit on the insipid side to my jaded tastebuds.

Following our move to Torrox, we have new shopping opportunities and have recently started getting Typhoo teabags, which I mention only to point out that they just seem to have more flavour than the others, although the little tags on the bag are made with a disolvable glue so it's annoying if the tag gets wet and comes off the little string.


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