Thursday, 15 September 2005

Birthdays Wolves and Tuna

As it happens, today is my birthday but all I ate today is three slices of toasted brown bread topped with French Brie cheese for breakfast, a single Chocolate Trufa in mid-afternoon and, after a night visit to the Lobo Park to see and howl with the wolves, a late night munchie of a Tuna and Potato Salad on brown sandwich.


Anonymous Nathalie said...

Happy birthday! 21 again eh?

Why no big birthday cake?!

Thu Sep 15, 03:46:00 pm BST  
Anonymous Beth - The Zen Foodist said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good day for you!

Fri Sep 16, 12:16:00 am BST  
Blogger alienboy said...

HI Nathalie,

It's taken until today to recover so sorry for missing you earlier.

No, no birthday cake but good fun was had by all!

And, uh, yeah, 21 again, lol

Fri Sep 16, 11:32:00 am BST  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hi Beth,

Welcome to my diet blog. I had a look at your Zen Foodism blog and it's great, way better than this old thing.

Thanks for visiting and your good wishes.

Fri Sep 16, 11:35:00 am BST  

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