Sunday, 30 October 2005

Shreddies Gouda Kit Kat Curry

Desperately hoping for good news on the diet front at tomorrow morning's ritual Sunday Morning Weigh In, I'm trying to be really disciplined so start with a late breakfast of a bowl of Shreddies at 1040.

Then nothing at all passes my lips, apart from the obligatory multiple mugs of coffee (black, half a sugar), until four o'clock when I binge on a delicious Gouda and Potato Salad on brown sandwich.

Mid evening a little munchie devil forces me to have a two bar KitKat and about an hour later this delicious tapas dish of chicken curry with boiled rice.

............................Chicken Curry and Boiled Rice Tapa

And, apart from one chocolate chip cookie around 1.30 am, that was All I Ate Today.


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