Monday, 31 October 2005

Sunday Sins

For my sins I have eaten one egg and bacon sandwich (it was delicious by the way, streaky bacon fried in a mixture of Olive and Sunflower oils in my new ridged frying pan) for breakfast around 10.30 am, this first day of official Wintertime. I really enjoyed the extra hour in bed.

Much later on, around five-ish, there's a feast of three slices of toasted white bread with Brussels Pate. And two chocolate sandwich biscuits with yet more coffee.

Nine pm and hunger pangs drive me to the kitchen and another Tapas dish of Chicken Curry and Rice, just like yesterday. A mug of tea follows with two thick square slabs of Lindt chocolate and a Chocolate Chip Cookie.

It's Monday morning 2 am and raging munchiemania sends me to the kitchen for an urgent three Weetabix with fresh milk, a teaspoon of sugar and clouds of cinnamon, followed by a Granny Smith apple and off to bed just after three in the small hours.


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