Saturday, 20 August 2005

Got Milk?

Consider this:

Energy 64 kcals| 64 kcals
Protein 3.2 g | 3 g
Carbs 4.7 g | 4.8 g
Fat 3.6 g | 3.6 g
Calcium 119 mg | 130 mg

Pretty identical, right?

However, the first figures refer to this expensive English whole milk, supermarket price 1.94 Euros

and the second set refer to this Spanish homogenized milk, produced in our original Spanish home town of Antequera, supermarket price 0.75 Euros.

The odd thing is that, despite the nearly identical figures, these milks are very different.

The Spanish milk, our regular everyday stuff, is perfectly fine milk and we use it all the time for every kind of use from cooking to drinking.

The expensive English import, in its functional but dull packaging, is much richer, thicker and creamy, despite the fact that it's figures are almost the same. So when I found some not-at-all-easy-to-find-round-here Shreddies in one of the local supermarkets, I knew they would be a welcome change from the more usual Weetabix and grabbed both them and the fancy expensive English milk.

No contest! What a difference in thickness, creaminess and yes, even flavour!! Noticeable even in a cup of tea, the whole milk is so much tastier and richer it makes the simple pleasure of breakfast cereal a whole new taste extravaganza for no extra calorie load.

A comforting thought as I tuck into my bowl of Shreddies, dusted with Cinnamon and a single level teaspoon of sugar for breakfast, despite the much higher cost.

I can't see anything in the figures to justify such a drastic difference, maybe it's something to do with the different diets the cows have, but as an occasional extravagance, expensive English milk rules.


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