Sunday, 25 September 2005

Chicken Curry and Granny Smith

About 7.30 pm, I put some of yesterday's delicious Chicken Curry and Indian Spiced Vegetables with a little Basmati rice into a cereal bowl and re-heat it in the microwave. Add a Roti Nan on the side and a delicious home made Indian Chicken snack is wolfed down eagerly.

About 9.30 pm there's a single Chocolate Chip Cookie and then, a little after midnight, a Granny Smith apple, and that's All I Ate Today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi... im juz a random to say, ur persevernce(for 1 whole yr!) is amazing.
juz like to share a recipe with u. fairly low cal. but veri yummy! my mother makes a wonderful dish outta it.
take 1 large egg, whisk and then add in some tofu (and minced meat if u like) then mash the whole thing and top it up with a lil water. then, place the bowl in a pot of boiling water (make sure the water does not enter the bowl. condensation is fine) steam for abt 10 mins (with meat its better to steam longer) and the dish is done =)

Mon Sep 26, 05:18:00 am BST  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hi Anonymous One,

Thanks for your recipe suggestion. It soundsd kind of Oriental to me, are you from Japan or China?

Thanks again for visiting All I Ate Today.


Mon Sep 26, 09:18:00 am BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

forgive me. i experimented with the dish, and to my utmost horror. add a lil water and some salt and soy sauce. otherwise ... :s
its an asian dish. but im not too sure which culture is it frm

Tue Sep 27, 07:11:00 am BST  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hi Anon,

Yeah, I can see how a little seasoning would add a little more flavour to this. Tofu is Japanese so maybe that's the origin of such a plain and simple dish?

Tue Sep 27, 10:32:00 am BST  

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