Friday, 23 September 2005

Good Boy, Bad Boy

All I ate today is three Weetabix with fresh milk, one teaspoon of sugar and tonnes of cinnamon for breakfast, a Cheshire Cheese with black pepper on brown bread sandwich for lunch, three cinnamon flavoured biscuits for tea and, much later, yes, it's the return of the Tapasa Diet!

Tadaaaa! After several weeks of more or less birthday related partying and attendant overeating, a little touch of self-discipline has been restored and I eat a delicious Tapas dish full of Ensaladilla Rusa and the end crust of a brown loaf.

To counter balance all that good dietary work, I then go off the rails and in the space of less than ninety minutes eat five small plain chocolate biscuits, two chocolate chip cookies and then another five small plain chocolate biscuits. Oh the shame!


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