Sunday, 18 September 2005

Chili Con Carne Recipes But Not Mine

We have friends visiting up from the coast (the Torremolinos posse are in town) as my birthday celebrations just don't seem to want to stop; it's been a rolling party for over a fortnight now!

Nevertheless, breakfast was limited to 2 Weetabix with fresh milk and a level spoon of sugar, which I thought showed a certain amount of discipline!

Yesterday, I took time out to cook one of my personal specialities, Chili Con Carne. I'm sure almost everybody knows how to cook this or one of its many variants. A quick Google on "Chili recipes" turns up 3,650,000 results so there is certainly plenty of choice out there, including 1,610,000 vegetarian Chili recipes for the flesh challenged!

My personal recipe is the result of many years trial and, mostly, error but has now evolved into a closely guarded family secret which I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you! Suffice to say, my Chili has grown into a rich and delicious dish which tastes wonderful with some plain boiled rice as a simple backdrop to the complex flavour.

So, this evening I shattered the Tapas Diet rules again and ate a whole dinner plate full of Chili, Rice and Salad and several drinks to wash it down and it was good!


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