Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Hake Muffin

It's a holiday weekend here in Spain and so we get to relax for a couple of days - except on the diet front where I need to keep the pressure on to keep those kilos coming off. With that in mind, a late breakfast of a simple bowl of Shreddies about 1030 gets the day off to a nice start.

Midafternoon main meal of the day today is some Breaded Hake with a huge heap of salad and a crusty bread roll then another long stretch until around 9.30 pm when I top up the tummy with a Gouda and Potato Salad on brown sandwich.

Late night nibbles include two plain chocolate biscuits, a chocolate muffin and around 0130 am three Weetabix smothered in Cinnamon.


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