Wednesday, 28 September 2005

A Perfect Day, Almost

No breakfast today as I'm still desperate to lose weight after last weekend's weigh-in disappointment.

This morning I cooked a big old pot of Chili Con Carne by special request of the most awesome Ursula but before getting on that tip again, I finish off the last of the Ensaladilla Rusa at about 2.30 this afternoon. It just fits perfectly into a regulation Tapas dish and with a single slice of unbuttered white bread to mop up the juices makes a great, light lunch.

Chili Con Carne bubbling in the pot.

In mid afternoon, with a cup of tea I eat two sandwich biscuits and then nothing until 1 am Wednesday morning when I have a small Cheshire Cheese with Potato Salad sandwich on white campo bread and a Peach Yoghurt.

And a chocolate chip cookie.

And three crackers and a slice of Gouda.

And a Granny Smith apple.


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