Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Tuesday 2nd August 2005, Breakfast

Today's ongoing beat the bulge battle of the calories starts with a light breakfast of 2 Weetabix with fresh whole milk, a level teaspoon of sugar and dusted with ground Cinnamon, lovely! Ably supported by some fresh black coffee, again with just a level teaspoon of sugar. That should just about get me through a busy morning of chores and admin.


Anonymous Nathalie said...

Good to see you're back. Your new blog is making me hungry!

Tue Aug 02, 02:22:00 pm BST  
Blogger alienboy said...

Hi Nathalie,

Great to hear from you again. Hope you like the new blog, and of course I'm sure that you will love my other new one, About Manchester United at http://redaffairs.blogspot.com

Are you going to do one yourself? Even Ursula has started one now!!

Lots of love to you


Tue Aug 02, 02:38:00 pm BST  

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