Tuesday, 2 August 2005

Tuesday 2nd August 2005, Lunch in Nerja

So Ursula and I went in to Nerja this morning to do a few things and decided to lunch in town for a change. We ended up at Meson Restaurante Benitez, a large typically Spanish place directly overlooking the lovely little Playa Carabeo.

We shared an Ensalada Mixta which was deliciously simple, eaten with drizzled Olive oil and a crusty bread roll. Ursula went with the Salmon in Orange Sauce (Salmón en Salsa Naranja) and when it arrived, for a moment I wished I had too, it looked fantastic.

However, I was swiftly distracted by the arrival of my Swordfish Benitez (Pez Espada Benitez) which came in an sauce which at first glance looked like a pale gravy but was actual a fine light vegetable and garlic sauce with prawns and shellfish which went fabulously well with the large portion of fish. It was absolutely brilliant, which was just as well as it compensated for the rather overcooked potatoes, celery and asparagus which accompanied it. I washed it down with a caña of draft beer and soaked up the sunshine for a while before we headed off to finish off our chores.


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