Thursday, 29 September 2005

Weetabix, Chili and Cheshire Cheese

Feeling peckish this morning so I pop two Weetabix into a bowl and half drown them in fresh milk before sprinkling a restrained level teaspoon of sugar over them and wolfing them down, pretty much as I have done all my life. Weetabix and Cheshire Cheese were absolutely the two most important foods in my childhood and kept me going when nothing else would do.

Later on, sometime after 4 in the afternoon, a slice of Spanish Tortilla with a couple of hunks of Chapata bread is washed down with a mug of tea and two biscuits.

About 8.30 pm a cereal bowl size of Chili and another of salad make for an early supper and are followed by a single chocolate chip cookie. Much later, a little after 1 am it's time to finish off the last of the Cheshire Cheese in a sandwich with some potato salad and then a strawberry yoghurt.

By co-incidence I have eaten both the main staples of my childhood diet but it will be a while before that happens again because the only Cheshire available around here is vile.


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