Sunday, 16 October 2005

Bahmi Goreng Recipe

Knowing there will be a large meal this evening, I try to control my appetite all day long and, trying to set a disciplined example, only allow myself three small slices of buttered brown toast for breakfast. Then nothing until mid-afternoon when I have an Emmental on brown sandwich.

The star of the day foodwise is undoubtedly the Bahmi Goreng (link to recipe) I make with some Solomillo de Cerdo or Pork Sirloin (or Sirloin of Pig, as Babel Fish has it, lol) cut into a mixture of slices and small chunks. I got one of those Conimex kits from the supermarket and added one chopped sweet Red Onion to the meat as it fried in the wok. After boiling the pasta and adding it and the re-hydrated vegetables and spices to the wok, all that remains is to make a couple of one egg omelette and serve with Ketjap Manis and Sambal Oelek.

Pleasantly stuffed by this delicious but light meal, a little later the dish was rounded off with some black tea and three chocolate chip cookies.


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