Saturday, 1 October 2005

Tuna Steaks In Coconut Milk

Thanks to yesterday's shopping trip to Nerja we, ok, I treated myself to a box of hard-to-find-round-here Shreddies and had a great-tasting bowl of them for breakfast this morning, before taking the dogs to the vets for grooming.

That kept me going until around 6-ish when we had Tuna Steaks cooked in Coconut Milk, Butter and Garlic, served with a Mixed Salad and a few roasted Potato and Onion thingies. It was absolutely great, which can't be said for the small chocolate covered but totally bland and chewy cake inside. I'm fed up with all these lame desserts lately.

About 10.30 pm I've got the munchies again and have a slice of Spanish Tortilla, which is always good. Half an hour munchies revisits and takes the form of two small slices of brown bread with sesame seeds with some Emmental cheese.

Late night relapse: two chocolate chip cookies, a magdalena and a granny smith apple. My bad.


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