Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Wednesday 3rd August, evening snack

After a great long walk along the seafront, taking in the sights, people watching, enjoying the street market and the live music with Ursula and the dogs (Molly 7 and Bobby 2), it's back to the flat for supper.

A Tapas dish of that Chile Con Carne I made last night with a chunk of Chapata bread washed down with a cup of tea is simply delicious!


Anonymous Nathalie said...

Are you living by the sea now then...?

Thu Aug 04, 09:41:00 am BST  
Blogger alienboy said...

Yes we are! Obviously we had to move out of the house for the villa renters, so after 4 years inland we thought we'd go somewhere different. Plus there's the mother-in-law to think of...

So we've ended up in a new development called Punta Del Faro in Torrox Costa, just outside Nerja.

Thu Aug 04, 10:25:00 am BST  
Anonymous Nathalie said...

Sounds lovely! Is it easy to get to from the UK?

Thu Aug 04, 11:26:00 am BST  
Blogger alienboy said...

Malaga Airport is the best to go to. Granada Airport is nearer and nicer but the drive is a real pain, single lane each way for almost the whole way, imagine that!

Thu Aug 04, 12:38:00 pm BST  

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